On dreams (end of archive)


We were walking on the flat stone platform next to the sea which extends to the end of the horizon. The sky was grey like before it rains. The waves had bought up some dirt including an upside down turtle shell and a pig snout. Mom told us not to touch the polluted water. We were curious and walked close to the edge but not too close because of fear of falling down. Then an enormous whale swam along side of the platform. The black whale has a long horn spiral horn with a very slim pointed tip. The whale was at least 20 feet long. The waster was not so polluted afterall. (Unicorn whale; also known as Narwal - Read more about this spiritual whale here: http://www3.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/narwhal.html )


My leg has been cut open. My cat is scatching and licking my open wound. I tried to push it away but he keeps coming back to bother me. I try to crawl out of this place. It seems like a hospital. I woke up and took a few moments thinking of where I am. I am in the same bedroom.


(i hate this repetitive dream) I am choking with gum in my mouth. I can't breath. I have chewed the gum for too long and have chewed it too hard. The gum has became a sticky slimey goo that I can't just spit out. The piece of pink gum is huge and it's stuck to my teeth and throat blocking my tubes. I have to pick it out with my fingers. I stick my whole hand in my mouth trying to pick out every last piece of that mess but I still can't get all of it out. Someone is walking towards me and I can't let them see me do this. I try to swallow the rest down but it stuck to the inside of my throat. I am now choking.

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