Currently reading this book which starts off with some self boosting (which I think was not overdone based on the success of this author) and an experiment on burying beetle's infanticidal act on their own babies. The number of babies killed is based on the size of the carcasses they find. Outsider beetles will kill their same sex and all babies forcing the opposite sex beetle to mate with them. Wilson then goes on to descibe this story as if the beetles were humans. Interesting.

Another recent read was China Ghosts written by a foreigner (*cough*) on his views on China's adoption system. The author was father of two super cute adopted China girls. The book was sincere, loving, naive at times, but generally quite good for a slow Sunday afternoon. China is actually praised in this book for their adoption system!

My first Palahnuik book. It was quite shocking, funny, brutal, and strange. A group of writers go to a writer's retreat and end up mutilating themselves for future fame. Each writer writes their own little story in this novel summing up to 23 in total. I want to remeber everyone of them: nightmare box, guts' masterbation story, miss america's boring story, hot potting, emigrating to venus, artist turned into sniper, lady baglady, etc. etc.

It was a fun read - made me join The Cult: a book club forum by CP's fans.