steampunk - the romance of steam powered trained, pots, society. the romance starts when nostalgia kicks in; when its dark out and we have already forgotten why we were here in the first place; when music ends and leave traces in the electric neurons up north where its weak and when the firing speed slows to 3 years per shot; when i don't remember why i was asking why when the craziness is about now; when you search for something and lost track of what it was you were searching for on your way; so try hard we must, try hard to grasp yourself in the process when you don't quite understand ____.

Old classical writing. An encounter between good and evil; with the lost of good at the end. Stunningly not so stunning given the glorific bloody horror we watch this generation which totally spoiled our innocent mind. Good boringly interesting (with consideration to the time it was written) read.

Definitely a "Penguin Classic". I present to you all, madame et monsier: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.