When I was dreaming last night I kept reviewing the dream over and over again and promised myself I would write it down when I woke up. By the time I had more dreams, brushed my teeth, surfed the net, made a few phone calls, checked mapquest, get dressed, viewed porn, chat on msn, looked at my broken camera, remebered about having to write down what I promised myself earlier, I failed to recall the dream. It has something to do with me guessing whether small identical dolls made with marijuana and alcohol were alive or robots. I remeber eating part of the doll and sharing it with someone. When you look closely at the pale dolls, there were veins and it let me to wonder whether or not it is possible to create these delicate transparent veins with human hands.

A new batch of cakes have been made! The recent sales have encouraged Meowgu to produce more sweets for the girls. Most of this new batch will be made into pendants, chunky rings, and earrings. Seeing them sitting there quietly made Meowgu smile.