kid 1: enjoy messing with liquidy smoothering stuff. total lack of attention. was nonverbal. may grow up to be handsome.
kid 2: never had fruit in his first 4 years of life. love music. is becoming aggressive. may cry when messed with.
kid 3: talkative. appears normal. enjoy math and reading. will hate you for one week if you did something wrong. will get mad at chair if the chair failed to catch him.
kid 4: fat. hysteric. will laugh for minutes for no apparent reason.
kid 5: everyone hates him. fat and strong and spit and ugly. but everyone pretends he is handsome.
kid 6: if he lived 100 years ago he would be defined as possessed. will spin his head and show his eye whites. would be quite freaky if you see him at night.
kid 7: dirty nails. fat and ugly fat bitch who suck on her hair. will eat playdoo.