The theory of evolution. It gives possible explanation of how living things are influenced by the environment (adaption) and how new features are added in the process (through the process of mutation). Moths change colours not because they have decided to do so but because the environment alters the state of the fittest surving population. People living in poor conditions tend to exhibit risky behaviours so their genes can be passed on quicker (sell d to make $, have sex with multiple men/women, have many babies so at least some can survive). However, these are all after the fact ideas and it does not predict how future populations will turn out. Most mutations in genes are fatal and it is hard to imagine how many mutations a certain species must go through for it to finally survive both the environment and the mutations itself. Did we use to have eyeballs on our elbows and then somehow we died b/c our mates don't find us attractive and also it was inconvenient for hunting? What is the use of eyebrows and when eyebrows first grew above our eyes did we find that attrative? Did the cat have brainy thoughts about conquering the world but was unable to pass on his genes b/c other cats find him freaky and therefore it died and have to wait another billion years of generation until the recessive genes combined to make another brainy cat? The girl born with four arms and four legs. If we put a prestigious school in the middle of the poorest communities will the surrounding population alter to be educated legal businessmens and how long will that process take? How come that kind of change may come in a life time while having a surviving mutation takes millions of years?

The ME-ME personality: Recently a new type of personality defined by an obsessive tendency to start or include the following phrases in sentences with "I", "me", "In my opinion", "In my experience", or "Myself" have been identified and observed. Regardless of what the other mate, person, acquintance, relative, or stranger say, the ME-ME personality sufferer will ignore and continue to discuss about him or herself. What the other person say will largely be omitted or used as a tool to divert the conversation topic back to him or herself.

Now, let's take a look at some short examples:
ME-ME sufferer: I just won another set of gucci candles because I once again helped her out when she put herself in a desperate shithole situation. In my opinion, she is just a loser who should just go back to feed her two kids. (self-boosting, stepping on other who are of higher positions implying that oneself has higher qualifications)
A: That's good for you. G candles are expensive and elegant.
ME-ME sufferer: Oh yeah but I have got tons at home and they are just boring. So what are you up to? (have lots of special deals that are only available to oneself because of popularity and status)
A: Oh me, I have found a new job.
ME-ME sufferer: Oh a new job! I remeber when I was first hired by this company, I was so not used to the dumbasses that work here. I mean, like, I have finished university and those scumbags are just friggin highschool grads. And I.....(total ignorance of other people's comments, disregards topic and uses anything about the other person's experience as a tool to return to the topic of oneself)