One night, while drinking, or perhaps a bit drunk, I posted on a forum: Drink 1 to 3 beers every other night. Binge drink at least on one weekend nights. Am I an alcoholic?

Here are some answers:
A1. that's not the kind of question people can answer for you on the internet...... (sorry man, just asking)
A2. I think that like has been stated, you would have to be evaluated, or go to an AA meeting to see. .... (dadi dadi da...)
A3. ..if you are wondering about it enough to be worrying, that's probably a sign to at least talk to a professional... (sorry man, just wondering)
A4. yes, meowqu, you are an alcoholic. if your response to what i just wrote was "I AM NOT" then you are in denial.... (holding my hands up in the air)
A5. I grew up with a lot of alcholics in and around my house. It was hell.... (depends)
A6. What's your life situation?How much of this is convenience/circumstance?Are you one of those people who can't stop once they start? (keep asking)
A7. Sorry, *referred to A6 writer*, it doesn't matter where you are from. the fact of the matter is that if you drink too much and feel compelled to ask it on a forum like xxxx, you most likely have a problem... (sorry man, just bored)
A8. Re *A7 comment* See, this effectively discourages anyone from starting conversation on the subject. If by saying anything, you "prove" you have a problem, that's going to have a chilling effect... (oh yeah shut up A7 writer)
A9. ...The fact that you are thinking about your condition is a positive. Also, deep down inside, what do YOU think? (sometimes)
I was stuck in the stone castle with a bunch of supposedly friends of friends. I had to carry the biggest camera. A large monkey was following me. It suddenly jumped on me from behind and try to jerk himself off. No one helped. Not one single person even held the camera for me. Could these people be my real friends? I woke.

Our trip to Japan, Edo - Shimoda Hotel. 2006

Beer & cocktail fest 2007.
We'd do anything and everything for our drinks.
Does anyone read this? I have only send it to Adele.

Jellyfishes are mindbending.

Dream1: At home, in a weird compartment type setting with parents. A jellyfish that can survive in environment without water entered our home. It is one of those clear types with deadly tentacles. I was quite freaked out while my parents find it funny that I am freaking out. I close the compartment door excluding myself from the dinning room where my parents and the weird jellyfish are hanging out. After a while, thinking that my parents would already have disposed of the out-of-place creature, I opened the door. The jellyfish jumped/sprang, almost hitting me while I dart out of it's way, to the chair next to me. I got to the other room and shut the door. I woke.
Dream2: Earthworms are long and they love to procreate. When baby earthworms are born, a placenta would still be attached. Mother worms would consume the placenta for nutritional purposes. I work at the earthworm farm. My job is to separate the white placenta and sometimes cut worms to feed the mother worms. I usually work from outside a plastic bag while the worms stay inside so I can separate their stuff without having to touch them. Then I found this long freakish worm with huge sacks of placenta stuff hanging around it and I wanted to vomit. I woke.

My left hand is grabbing my right hand so she won't touch the sticky surface. It was hard enough to leave the resins alone when it turns from liquid to gel to solid. The whole process is just too much fun. It's too tempting not to disturb them liquidy gelly solids. Just want to stick my nails in them and scratch them.

I am into resins today. Experimented with it pouring them clear gel liquid thingies onto contact lense cases, plastic moulds and leaving it to dry over night. Of course I couldn't help myself not touch it after 10 min. My fingers got all sticky and gluey. According to flickr mate, those resins are toxic so I attempted to pour the thing outside but instead let 3 bugs storming in for the light.

The resin turned hard today. But I couldn't get some of it out the mould. Also the back part is still sticky.

Reviewing the trip to Shanghai in 2006.
Dreams (archive 1)


-part2 Kin is one of the inmates who was released. Prior to going to prison, Kin lives with his mother, step father, step sister and step brother. In front of cameras, Kin looks overwhelmed but when finally meeting with the whole family, he showed a big smile from the heart.


-part 1 "The Death Show" selects 2 lucky participants from the juvenile death penalty jail. They will be released to reunite with their family for 7 days prior to serving the death penalty. Will they break down and lose all hope? Will they commit more crimes since they already know their endings? Or will there be touching stories waiting to unravel in the last few days of their lives? The camera crews follow the two families on a daily basis. Yet there is another twist to this episode. The two families will be switching houses. The show begins when the two immates are released as they walk toward the jail halls to meet their families. It was already dark outside and the two families greet one another. To everyone's suprise, the two families knows each other since they were neighbours when the kids were still young. The two inmates used to be childhood friends until the two families moved to live elsewhere. -to be cont'd-


drip drip dripdripdrip passing those broken house. those ugly white house with rusted window frames and cracked doors. some doors are opened and some have fallen down. i must attend the school in the middle of the unhabited town in the middle of nowhere. not just nowhere but this fallen forgotten ugly town full of broken houses. it's a dream. i chew and i choke on those big melted gums thats stuck to my throat. i use both hands to take it out but bits are still left in my teeth. i cant breath. it's a dream. stalkers with familiar faces haunting me again and i have no where to hide. it's a dream. oh gosh. help my poor soul.

On dreams (end of archive)


We were walking on the flat stone platform next to the sea which extends to the end of the horizon. The sky was grey like before it rains. The waves had bought up some dirt including an upside down turtle shell and a pig snout. Mom told us not to touch the polluted water. We were curious and walked close to the edge but not too close because of fear of falling down. Then an enormous whale swam along side of the platform. The black whale has a long horn spiral horn with a very slim pointed tip. The whale was at least 20 feet long. The waster was not so polluted afterall. (Unicorn whale; also known as Narwal - Read more about this spiritual whale here: )


My leg has been cut open. My cat is scatching and licking my open wound. I tried to push it away but he keeps coming back to bother me. I try to crawl out of this place. It seems like a hospital. I woke up and took a few moments thinking of where I am. I am in the same bedroom.


(i hate this repetitive dream) I am choking with gum in my mouth. I can't breath. I have chewed the gum for too long and have chewed it too hard. The gum has became a sticky slimey goo that I can't just spit out. The piece of pink gum is huge and it's stuck to my teeth and throat blocking my tubes. I have to pick it out with my fingers. I stick my whole hand in my mouth trying to pick out every last piece of that mess but I still can't get all of it out. Someone is walking towards me and I can't let them see me do this. I try to swallow the rest down but it stuck to the inside of my throat. I am now choking.
On dreams (archive 2)


I dreamt of all the people I loved. Or did I really love them? It's strange going out with them again. Or did I really go out with them? When I woke up, I was sleeping in the same bed.


I really thought it was a beauty parlour. I talked to everyone waiting to get a facial until I saw that woman gave that man a bj. I asked if it was a hooker house and Jake said yes. I said I am sorry I thought it was a beauty parlour so i must go. "Have a classy weekend." Jake was disappointed. He thought I was looking down on him. We were talking so cheerfully. But I was just being a fake self to those strangers, pretending to be a positive socialable person. I hate doing that but i naturally get into this defensive state with strangers.


I was levitating. So could my sister. But I was able to levitate much longer. I float through the stone road past the stairs. It was crowded. I wanted to tell you I could levitate. I was home. But you were talking on the phone. There will be a book sale and I wanted you to go with me. I was in the bathroom alone. There were large glass windows. It was raining outside and the cloudes were red. I levitated inside. I only had to concentrate energy on my legs. I levitated higher than before. But you were still on the phone. It was raining.

Discovery of the beer can house. How romantic, artistic, experimental, a true contribution to the love of art, beer, and the family.
In Japan, they worship all kinds of organs.

Circus Lido. Another owned PC game which I was not smart enough to finished till the end. The chameleon (aka. colour changing dragon, 變色龍, 龍色變)must eat all insects and vomit it out to feed the happy chewing flowers. Don't get too close of the flowers will happily eat you as well.

The retroness of PC engine.
The memories of the past. The games I have finished and those that I have forgotten are now back into my hands in the form of PSP. The technological loop. The advance of retroness.
My cat 大吉, aka GUTS. Starring into space, looking dumb again. I miss his fat body, thick fur, his mmm meows and his foolishness.