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索朗扎西 - 姑娘我爱你
徐千雅- - 坐上火车去拉萨
陳妃平 - 想一個人多麼苦
月亮之上 凤凰传奇

Lies. Hidden secrets. (Putting your dick in married women.) Abstinence. Commitment. Past tense. Present tense. (Fellatio with co-worker.) Property purchasing. Multi-function toilets with music, heat, and water to wash your ass. Cigarrettes. Pink floyd converse and cds. (Masterbate to underage girls with fake tits.) Stripe shirts. Checkered shirts. Shiny shoes. Stuttering. Gelled hair. (Touching her young flat chest.) Words. Talk. Treat me to dinner. Treat me red wine. Treat me flowers and chocolates. (Digging nails into his white ass.) Monetary value. Automobile purchasing. High-end classic diamond watches. King size beds. Double king size beds with red wooden poles and pearl studs. Bird nests. Snake skins. Fox fur. Elephant bones. (Call up a hooker and watch her use the pink fat vibrator.) Pain-killers. Vitamins. Aspirin. (Amphetimines, MDMA, powders.) Smooth skin. Pale skin. Perfect body. Perfect soul. (Nicotine stained lungs, rotten teeth, broken hearts, multiple addictions.) Knock knock. Who is there? Just a liar and an empty soul.

西環, originally uploaded by meowgu.


T3中的西環, originally uploaded by meowgu.

喝了青島, 堅持要上街感覺台風。雨不停的下直到天文台改掛成8號也不想停的不段打下來。天空灰暗使本身已燈光微弱的客廳變得更為陰沉。音樂﹐青島﹐台風幕後的捷揍。獨自的派對。

西環大廈與大叔避雨中, originally uploaded by meowgu.


西環大廈, originally uploaded by meowgu.

Aug 4th, 09 - 西環大廈
The occurence of T1 - T3 -T8. The pouring rain, the umbrellas, the half empty streets, the running couples. Alone, walking to hide from the down pour of frogs and cats, I, choose this apartment. The smell of old wet newspaper, the dark lifeless hallway, I waited.

大橋@灣仔, originally uploaded by meowgu.

Aug 3, 09 - 大橋@灣仔
Uni on ice, toro, sashimi, huge shrimp, fat oysters, fish soup, with lots of sake.

Habitu @cwb, originally uploaded by meowgu.

New vs. Old buildings. Are they vacant?
Update me.

Habitu @cwb

Habitu @cwb, originally uploaded by meowgu.

Atmostphere. Ambience. Alcohol.

Habitu @cwb, originally uploaded by meowgu.

July 31, 09 - Drinks at Habitu - Best patio.
Great time, great chats, great atmosphere.

An old lady fell down in the middle of the road. She fell down like a skinny rag doll and hit the hard cement on the side of her face. She couldn't get up. The image repeats itself over and over again in my head. Why is life so fragile and what am I chasing.