chocolates rest upon the ______
all dusty...but it looks tasty
i took one and it melted in my _____
who is looking for a ______
the webs covered everything
like our ______, old and irresistable, cannot lie about the desire i cannot hide
we tried to reach
but it cannot be undone
our destiny changed when we lefted the garden
you picked up the ribbon
and i stayed behind
didn't you promise to take me away?
the clouds felt and i saw the eclipse
it blinded my eyes but i can still hear you sing.....continue with the singing

Flowery clear chiffon envolopes our body, touching the wrinkled light fabric, I gave you the wavy lamp but kept the object, sensing the heat but kept our distance, particles of cologne left in a few strands of my hair, the evidence fades, just like the shadow I could not capture.
* hey hey i want to tell you a secret! *