Yes. I have been looking at a lot of toys recently. This one looks great. It's a pottery wheel without the high expenses attached. It also comes with a bag of air dry clay. But the downside is those air dry clay probably can't hold water and you can't get those magnificent colours from glaze. If you buy this it will ultimately lead you to buying a kiln if you want to enhance your pottery. This plastic gadget is $79.95 sold here:

I have recently been looking at ereaders again and found that Sony has one out. The monitor is paper like so it won't hurt the eyes and users can view it from different angles. It looks great (the one released in our technologically-behind Western country is not the same one shown above...that one is probably the 10th generation released in Japan and comes with 6 different colours to choose from and all) but it costs US$299.99 (oh...and they give your $149.00 worth of ebooks too). I guess for now I'll just have to stick with homebrew psp pdf readers and for real books.

Cows that burp less are helping the globe reduce greenhouse gases. An average cow burps about 100 to 200 L of methane each day. Scientists are now looking at a better diet for cows so they will burp less and make less pollution.
Why are people blaming cows for pollution!? on reducing our own green house gas production first. Make more electric/hybrid cars, encourage public transportation, band bag use in grocery stores, beer and lcbo store accept bottles/cans from all countries, encourage use of BT sharing, make more things downloadable including books, forms, info, brochures, exchange/donate old cellphones, plant a tree. But no...please don't blame the cows.
Read more about the ridiculour claims and story here: