Your problem (I can almost hear you say), is your lack of reality about the whole situation. Look at you! Your cellulites are showing and your fine wrinkles are making their way through your dry skin! Yeah we talk about minds and spirituality but does the average person give a shit? Common, would you date a saint from the last century, admiring his corpse, imagining his shrunken penis and get jealous with the pathetic tities that he has ever licked? We say we hate those materialistic bitches but you know what, here I go, yes I love them, I love their brainlessness to the max and hate those stupid thinkers who pretend they are so full of theories, and by that I mean YOU. Oh and oh, your hair looks stupid and I don't want to show your face to anyone I know.
(with that statement, someone came in and smashed all the windows and shattered all the glasswares available in sight. you hide under the table shivering. that someone someone, a saint from the past, appears, with his shrunkened dick and hollow body, with egyptian style wrappings around his thin chest, walked up, took my hand, and walked me out of the trashed bar.)
In the end, the silence continued and there was no conclusion. The heart continues to erode through the years of confusion, disorientation, and disturbance. The mind loses concern over the body's action while the value system fails and the line of limitation falls below zero. The repetitiveness of the sink and float cycle no longer interfere with the actions. There are no emotions felt. The coward at the end chooses the mixture of tiny tablets with poison. This was one courageous choice which was the most powerful, effective, and enduring moment of life. The
irreversible action led to sorrowness by those who had a heart lacking in vocal presence. Yet the busy mind returns to sought after what was important, and so he thought. Never even realizing the complex metaphor which waited to be explored.
Large brown eggs, small white eggs, eggs with calcium, eggs with vitamin A, eggs with melatonin for a good night's sleep and cow's milk for those alergic to goat's milk, eggs with spiritual enlightment, eggs with behaviour altering effects, eggs with a voice which talks to you about your inner feelings and your career goals, eggs with literature review, eggs with political viewpoints, eggs with calming effect, eggs with ambition to guide you through the caves where no one has step foot in before.

One large scrambled, two hard-boiled, three easy over, four spiced up, five burried in rocks, six with placentas, seven with chick eyes, eight with siamese twins, nine with type b personality, ten with fallopian tubes.