You stay behind to clean up the mess. Your heart is not presently with you, you are gone for the moment, into the silent lake deep in the woods, your see your reflection on the glassy water, you touch the water with the tip of your finger, ripples moving outward from the point, the reflection changes to him, the man hidden inside your heart, he stares back at you, or is he just seeing through you, his eyes closes, you feel relieved and float back away from the lake, floating back through the way you came, floating between the woods, feeling the cool breeze from your back, you focus on the lake and float backwards, he opens his eyes, you are sucked right back in with full force, you lose control, you move and falls in the dark pupil of his eyes.

Fragile. Transparent. Glossy. Transformation. Plastic. Slippery. Float. Repetition. Rush.