Dreams (archive 1)


-part2 Kin is one of the inmates who was released. Prior to going to prison, Kin lives with his mother, step father, step sister and step brother. In front of cameras, Kin looks overwhelmed but when finally meeting with the whole family, he showed a big smile from the heart.


-part 1 "The Death Show" selects 2 lucky participants from the juvenile death penalty jail. They will be released to reunite with their family for 7 days prior to serving the death penalty. Will they break down and lose all hope? Will they commit more crimes since they already know their endings? Or will there be touching stories waiting to unravel in the last few days of their lives? The camera crews follow the two families on a daily basis. Yet there is another twist to this episode. The two families will be switching houses. The show begins when the two immates are released as they walk toward the jail halls to meet their families. It was already dark outside and the two families greet one another. To everyone's suprise, the two families knows each other since they were neighbours when the kids were still young. The two inmates used to be childhood friends until the two families moved to live elsewhere. -to be cont'd-


drip drip dripdripdrip passing those broken house. those ugly white house with rusted window frames and cracked doors. some doors are opened and some have fallen down. i must attend the school in the middle of the unhabited town in the middle of nowhere. not just nowhere but this fallen forgotten ugly town full of broken houses. it's a dream. i chew and i choke on those big melted gums thats stuck to my throat. i use both hands to take it out but bits are still left in my teeth. i cant breath. it's a dream. stalkers with familiar faces haunting me again and i have no where to hide. it's a dream. oh gosh. help my poor soul.

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