On dreams (archive 2)


I dreamt of all the people I loved. Or did I really love them? It's strange going out with them again. Or did I really go out with them? When I woke up, I was sleeping in the same bed.


I really thought it was a beauty parlour. I talked to everyone waiting to get a facial until I saw that woman gave that man a bj. I asked if it was a hooker house and Jake said yes. I said I am sorry I thought it was a beauty parlour so i must go. "Have a classy weekend." Jake was disappointed. He thought I was looking down on him. We were talking so cheerfully. But I was just being a fake self to those strangers, pretending to be a positive socialable person. I hate doing that but i naturally get into this defensive state with strangers.


I was levitating. So could my sister. But I was able to levitate much longer. I float through the stone road past the stairs. It was crowded. I wanted to tell you I could levitate. I was home. But you were talking on the phone. There will be a book sale and I wanted you to go with me. I was in the bathroom alone. There were large glass windows. It was raining outside and the cloudes were red. I levitated inside. I only had to concentrate energy on my legs. I levitated higher than before. But you were still on the phone. It was raining.

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