I paid for your confidence, in cash, and now I am stripped with mine, which I paid in death, together, I paid for everything in cash, death, dignity, and you made a fool of me.

My dream is to live in the house of anti-christ, will you come with me?  I will stab myself to death, or I will swallow all the pills because I don't know how to start a fire, or maybe I do.  I will do it when it's convenient for everyone, so you can attend my funeral, I am scared of being lonely, I admit, I do all sorts of stupid moves when I am drunk, I cry no one will attempt to solve my enigma, so what?  Texas, maybe, that will be a good time, fuck all the BxT selfish bitches.  We are all here to make a fortune, and won't it be a fortune if a T cannot analyze its fucking self?  (because my xxxxxand would rather fxxk x xxxxxr) I tried, didn't I?

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