Confirming what your fears are.  Betrayal, reveal, lies, hurting, stabbing, it hurts most when your most treasured, your deepest fears, your nightmares, comes to life.  Am I scared of ghosts, hidden shadows, thoughts grabbing my throat, sneaking in the dark corners, no, because of love.  Now that there is no true love, when you know love only lasts one hour, or was it thirty minutes, when your dick was in me, what is it beyond that?  What am I frightened of then, my prayers to god, I believe, can you give me strength to move away from the things that hurt me?  To walk this way alone?  I can, please help me stay strong.

I love you, for the rest of my life.

I love you.

The morning dew gives off an enlightenment, almost falling off the tip of the leaves and it hangs, crystal like, shinning, hopeful, then it shakes, and all has fallen.  It was never long lasting.  It was just a moment, of nothingness, of nothing, of not-a-thing.  The end, since it never even occurred.

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