I HATE SENECA COLLEGE. It is the dumbest school with the dumbest teachers with the dumbest registration office and everything about it just suck. SUCK.
1. Field placements: The professors don't give a damn. They don't even meet with you to discuss your options or choices. If you have problems finding a placement, that's your fking problem. The best they can do is provide you with an outdated list of numbers in which you can call and hope that someone somewhere out there will accept you.
2. Emails: Emailing some of the profs is useless. They either just don't return your email or it'll take days before they check and finally reply.
3. Registration: They don't give a shit about your education or your money at all. In fact, they don't even care if you don't register. They mistakenly put my mark as DNC (drop out of class) and blame the prof for not entering the mark. (In which case the prof, of course, will blame the registration...and you'd be left in the middle to suffer.)
4. The Department Heads: These people aren't any better. If you've got problems, talking to them won't make a difference. They just dont' care. And stop bothering them at their coffee breaks already.
5. Switchboard bitches: They are all rude bitches. They hate their job and they hate you.

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