Hey did you know relationships are dependent upon this tiny techy circuit card called the subscriber identity module? If the card is lost, destroyed, or damaged on purpose, it can still be restored and brought back to life. Kind of. This card signifies your relationships, popularity, trustableness, and personality. And so it seems. There is no other telepathic way to contact a person and it's just miserable for us all. I refused to be controlled by it. But there has to be a limit to this so-called act of rebellion since I have not reached that higher state yet. The opportunity is here however and so I can take advantage of it. The messages are floating in mid air knocking on my window and I wonder how long they will stay before they are vanished forever. The modern connection is weaker than imaginable and no one cares to change this state. Sooner or later we won't even talk but depend on these little winged messengers and hope they will arrive on time and arrived before it shatters. But you know, these messengers are evil cold blooded lurkers and they don't give a shit about you or your stupid messages at all.

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