Review and analyze. Review and evaluate. Review and look. Review and review. Eyeing all the captured and eyeing all that has been accomplished and completed. And then conclude. The details of scars, hurts, bloatedness, puffiness; the detail of wrong shampoo, oily hair; the drunkenness, the up-turned eyeballs, the flips of lips, the pretend of nothingness. Great job. *SNAP* *SMILE* here we go again. Don't want the emotions? It doesn't involve emotions. Just smile or the food: sashimi, homemade, rich, dense, bubbly, condense, healthy, organic, fatness. The people: eating, smiling, faking, hugging, contaging. It's ok, we know, what happened, how it happened, and the details of emotions leading to the concreteness of the evidence.

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