Variable reinforcement schedule
we ought to spend more time thinking about this.
variable x = random reinforcement schedule X unpredictability of behaviour
let us try this:
we give at random intervals, which means I give you food at unknown times, so you will come back again and again since there is a history of me giving you goodies, but not everytime, of course you will go to other more reliable sources, but those reliable sources may end due to lack of resources or boredom; and so you will still come back to see whether I can provide sweets for you when those reliable resources run out; but at the same time I do not provide to you every time; I just might provide to you. And just the principle of this gets you hooked on requesting from me since you think if you request 100 times there must be at least 1 time that I will respond; but then you don't know my schedule, and so you get frustrated and all these negativeness thoughts occur. so beg me, beg me and maybe i will tell you my schedule of reinforcement.

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