MERRY-GO-ROUND, originally uploaded by drwalley.

Can you take me to an abandoned merry go round?
What happened to the delicate transparent ferris wheel that took us up above the mountains and into the darkness of the sky lite up with ten thousand stars?
When did we start to plan our trip to the deepest forrest where the Maya ancient temple erect? To breath in the religion of Tibetans, to wait in sub zero from midnite for auroras, to touch the narwhales, to feel the presence of spirits from rotten totems? When did we abandon our plans just like the merry go round, forgotten, between the tall grass at the park where no one visited?
When did the little particles of living took over and consumed our minds and took over our bodies?
To the deepest cave, I want to be with you, and live, in the simplest form, and lay down, departing, the, rest, of, you, we, go.

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