July 31, 09 -
Went to massage for 2 hours. Energized once again. Dinner tonight.

July 30, 09 -
First attempt to explore sai wan. Bought some simple food to cook. Stayed home to read and watch TV. TV saids you have to be pretty, smart, white, and skinny to survive in HK. TV saids it's right to be materialistic. TV saids you guys are all dummys watch me more. Turned off cellphone. Can't be bothered.

July 29, 09 -
Flight took 12 hours from Vancouver. Didn't even look at the time since there was no rush. Why was I going back again?
Arrived to HK at 8:00. Bought 3 packs of Capri for $40. Thought about smoking at the lounge but went on with transporting myself home instead. Took MTR then taxi home. The cab driver helped me store and retrieve my luggage and did a U-turn for me. Seems pretty nice. Arrive at the lonely apartment at 10ish.

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