I do believe that if a person watches porno consistently on a regular basis for let's say around 30 min to 1 hour daily, the person may not be able to function clearly in the head. There maybe altered perceptions that will affect the view of sex, sexual activity, and the opposite sex (or same for that matter).
There are naive viewers who may watch once in a while when bored. They create fantasies about the pornstars and think of reasons and questions about the particular person in the movie. I have been addicted to watching this Japanese porn star get screwed by these ugly men who seemingly do not deserve to get this piece of ass. The thought of this thought made me realized that I may have fallen in the trap of porno viewing. I think of possible reasons for the performance (she is coerced, her mother owes money, she likes sex, the mafia is involved) which are gullish. I help made up stories for her because I don't want to believe the reality. Or maybe the stories are reality. Possible?

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