(We love the monopoly machine located in one of Japan's arcade hangouts. I played till my nose bled like a fountain, leaving some red stuff on the buttons. We lost all the earned tokens cause of the freakish bleed. It stopped the moment I stepped outta there.)

Some girl asked me to marry her on her way to perform a concert. I said maybe if you kneel I will consider. I don't remeber if she knelt or not. Anyways, I am still not married when I woke up. So I guess she didn't or I rejected.

I read about insects and I hate them. I need to learn more about this enemy. Why the hell are they so colourful and leggy? Why can they fly while I can only cover my head? They love to leave body related stuff around too - including unused wings, outgrown shells, flakes, cocoons, jelly, fluid trails, shit, saliva, and vivid images embedded in our brains. Worms and crocroahes are a tie. One is cubby, fat, and brainless. The other made of complicated compartments with disease. Fuck i hate them.

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