One night, while drinking, or perhaps a bit drunk, I posted on a forum: Drink 1 to 3 beers every other night. Binge drink at least on one weekend nights. Am I an alcoholic?

Here are some answers:
A1. that's not the kind of question people can answer for you on the internet...... (sorry man, just asking)
A2. I think that like has been stated, you would have to be evaluated, or go to an AA meeting to see. .... (dadi dadi da...)
A3. ..if you are wondering about it enough to be worrying, that's probably a sign to at least talk to a professional... (sorry man, just wondering)
A4. yes, meowqu, you are an alcoholic. if your response to what i just wrote was "I AM NOT" then you are in denial.... (holding my hands up in the air)
A5. I grew up with a lot of alcholics in and around my house. It was hell.... (depends)
A6. What's your life situation?How much of this is convenience/circumstance?Are you one of those people who can't stop once they start? (keep asking)
A7. Sorry, *referred to A6 writer*, it doesn't matter where you are from. the fact of the matter is that if you drink too much and feel compelled to ask it on a forum like xxxx, you most likely have a problem... (sorry man, just bored)
A8. Re *A7 comment* See, this effectively discourages anyone from starting conversation on the subject. If by saying anything, you "prove" you have a problem, that's going to have a chilling effect... (oh yeah shut up A7 writer)
A9. ...The fact that you are thinking about your condition is a positive. Also, deep down inside, what do YOU think? (sometimes)

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mrsalowishus said...

not sure if this is a real question. i think a better question might be is what you are drinking harmful. This might help: