Dream1: At home, in a weird compartment type setting with parents. A jellyfish that can survive in environment without water entered our home. It is one of those clear types with deadly tentacles. I was quite freaked out while my parents find it funny that I am freaking out. I close the compartment door excluding myself from the dinning room where my parents and the weird jellyfish are hanging out. After a while, thinking that my parents would already have disposed of the out-of-place creature, I opened the door. The jellyfish jumped/sprang, almost hitting me while I dart out of it's way, to the chair next to me. I got to the other room and shut the door. I woke.
Dream2: Earthworms are long and they love to procreate. When baby earthworms are born, a placenta would still be attached. Mother worms would consume the placenta for nutritional purposes. I work at the earthworm farm. My job is to separate the white placenta and sometimes cut worms to feed the mother worms. I usually work from outside a plastic bag while the worms stay inside so I can separate their stuff without having to touch them. Then I found this long freakish worm with huge sacks of placenta stuff hanging around it and I wanted to vomit. I woke.

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